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​All Pro Staff, temp driver services was founded upon service to our clients.

All-Pro Staff (Temporary Driver Services) has been in business since 2005, serving the Southern California transportation industry. We are a family owned business and have been providing personal service, unlike the nationwide companies that lack that hands-on personal service.

Our  services provide temporary or long-term staff who are ready to meet and assist our clients.

At All-Pro Staff, it is our obligation to provide our clients with professional, reliable drivers available in the transportation industry. The drivers we offer represent some of the best in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering in safe drivers. They are experienced professionals who have been fully screened  for drugs, and meet DOT requirements.

All-Pro Staff is committed to delivering informed, professional, and reliable relation services based on superior industry knowledge, a real understanding of the issues that affect both our clients and their customers, and that genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our clients’ needs, producing results that directly and positively impact our clients businesses' objectives. All-Pro Staff encourages and rewards creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm for getting the job done.

All-Pro Staff's culture and philosophy is based on a no nonsense approach to public relations that values clarity of thought and honesty of expression above empty promises and meaningless jargon.

Successful businesses share a common attribute: they do something useful for their customers.

One way to determine what is useful for your customers is to identify and describe the problem that your business will solve. For example, a window washing service solves customer's problems of wanting clean windows but lacking either the time or physical ability to clean windows themselves. If you accurately understand your customers problems and needs, your business will have a better chance of success.

All-Pro Staff has the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our number one priority and commitment is to offer a world-class service which enables our clients and their customers to increase their business and reach sales targets.

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